How to buy vaccines at a discount:

A. Make sure you have a proper place to store your vaccine supply.

B. Open direct purchase accounts with the vaccine manufacturers:  The 4 listed below are MPPG’s discounting partners.

Sanofi Pasteur  (800) Vaccine

Pfizer Vaccines   (800) 666-7248

Merck Vaccines  (800) MerckRx

Vaxserve            (800) 752-9338

C. For best possible pricing commit to brand loyalty and join a fee-free, rebate sharing, loyalty based vaccine buying group like MPPG.

D. Finally, once your purchasing group informs you that your accounts have been linked to the contracted discounts, order as follows: Don’t worry, you’re not required to use all these vaccines, order in any large volume or bundle vaccine products!  Since our contract pricing is loyalty based, please don’t order competitive brands if Merck and Sanofi have an available option.

FOR MERCK: MPPG members are able to purchase Merck vaccines from Sanofi Pasteur’s website and still maintain MPPG discounts.  In fact, VaccineShoppe and Vaxserve will offer an additional 1% discount for ordering online.

Simply go to or  to order all of your Sanofi and Merck vaccines at MPPG pricing.

Merck Products


Measles, Mumps, Rubella – MMR® II

Rotavirus – RotaTeq®

Hepatitis B – RecombivaxHB® (Ped & Adult)

Hepatitis A – VAQTA® (Ped & Adult)

Shingles – ZOSTAVAX®

Varicella – VARIVAX®

Pneumonia – PNEUMOVAX 23®

MMR- V – ProQuad®


If you have a Merck account, their vaccines may be ordered directly as well either on-line at – or – call (800) MerckRX.  The 1% discount for ordering on-line however only applies on the Sanofi Pasteur sites or


FOR SANOFI PASTEUR:  Order Sanofi Pasteur vaccines directly from Sanofi Pasteur.  IMPORTANT:  Although Sanofi’s website advertises other manufacturers’ vaccines, for best pricing only order Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines or Merck on this site. Order on-line at – or –  – or – (800) Vaccine. Sanofi will give you an extra 1% discount if you order on-line.

Sanofi Pasteur Products



TdaP – Adacel®

DTaP/IPV – Quadracel®

DTaP/IPV/Hib – Pentacel®

Meningitis A,C,Y,W135 – Menactra®

Inactivated Polio – IPOL®

Hib – ActHIB®

TB Mantoux skin test – TUBERSOL®

*Influenza – Fluzone® Fluzone® Quadrivalent, Fluzone® Intradermal, Fluzone® High-Dose, Flublok

Yellow Fever – YF VAX®

Typhoid – Typhim Vi®

Rabies IG – Imogam

Rabies vaccine – Imovax

DT pediatric


BCG Live (Intravesical) – TheraCys®


*Mark a recurring appointment in your calendar for every March to reserve Fluzone and/or Flublok Vaccine. Place your pre-booked order BEFORE March 31st.  This is the vaccine you’ll be using in your patients for the following season.  That is to say, your order in March will be shipped in the fall for your patients in the following influenza season.  Actually, you may reserve your Fluzone vaccine in January or February if you’d like, March 31st just happens to be the deadline.

FOR PFIZER: Order Pfizer vaccines directly from Pfizer at – or – (800) 666-7248.  There are zero shipping fees with Pfizer regardless of order size.



Pfizer Products

MenB – Trumenba® ( discounted  )

PCV13 – Prevnar 13®  ( currently not discounted, but best price )

Take advantage of “prompt pay” discounts (2%) by paying all invoices by due dates.  Take advantage of special pricing promotions whenever available. All of these manufacturers are loyalty payment partners.

Call if you have any questions at (714) 469-5296.