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MEDICAL PRACTICE PURCHASING GROUP (MPPG) is the premier Physician Buying Group (PBG) in the United States. We have leveraged the immense purchasing power of over 6,000 members to secure preferred contracts with major providers of vaccines, medical supplies, and other goods and services used in a medical practice. This allows your office to significantly lower the costs of doing business to ensure your profitability, as well as patient satisfaction.

Our team practices under the guiding principle that our members should be free to concentrate their attention on providing the best possible patient care while we focus on helping your practice run more efficiently and profitably. MPPG also assists in identifying new sources of revenue for our members.

A History of Excellence

MPPG was founded in 2004 by Dr. Brian Greenberg, a Pediatrician and Allergist in Agoura Hills and Tarzana, California to help physicians with the high cost of medical practice.

Beginning with four practices and a Sanofi Pasteur contract, MPPG has grown to serve many physicians in a wide variety of specialties with an expanding choice of key money saving contracts.

Who Are Some of the Key Partners Working with MPPG?


  • Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, Pfizer, Moderna, Dynavax and Astrea Zeneca for vaccines
  • Henry Schein and McKesson for medical and surgical supplies
  • Evolv and USPay for merchant banking services
  • CAP (CA only) for medical liability coverage
  • Staples Advantage for office supplies

Practice Efficiencies

  • NexHealth for scheduling, online payments, patient communications
  • Insperity for employee management and benefits
  • Solution Reach for patient communications
  • Max Your Media for digital marketing
  • Clarus for internal communications

Revenue Production

  • Transworld Systems for collections
  • Proficient Rx for in-office dispensing
  • Lab IQ for for developing and managing an in-office laboratory
  • Go Check Kids to screen visual deficits in young children

Since 2006 MPPG has added contracts with:

  • Merck, Pfizer and Medimmune for vaccines
  • CAP (CA only) and Pinnacle Brokers (national) for medical liability coverage
  • ClearGate for merchant services
  • Henry Schein for medical supplies
  • Staples Advantage for office supplies
  • Farmers for Insurance
  • Medical Waste Management for medical waste (CA only) 

Please see Partners & Products for a complete listing. 

Why Choose Medical Practice Purchasing Group?

Feedback from MPPG members affirms that our mission of saving physicians money is critical to their ability to practice in today’s financial climate. It is MPPG’s continuing goal to increase physician profits and reduce stress – we believe that doctors work hard enough. Dr. Greenberg currently oversees the day-to-day operations of MPPG in addition to practicing medicine full-time.

What Makes MPPG Different from Other Buying Groups?

Traditional Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are focused primarily on hospitals and the supplies and equipment that they utilize.  But as a Physician Buying Group, MPPG is focused on doctors’ offices. MPPG was started by a practicing physician who saw a need beyond the typical Physician Buying Group. We know from first-hand experience that in order to thrive today, your practice needs to explore every opportunity to produce new sources of revenue while reducing the cost on virtually every line item of practicing medicine.

As an MPPG group member you will be given access to the very best resources available to medical practices today. Whether this means the lowest possible pricing on vaccines and other medical supplies, insurance, merchant services, waste management, office supplies – or keeping you up to date on industry trends, current medical liability issues and so much more – MPPG has you covered with customized solutions for virtually any issue your practice may face.

The Medical Practice Purchasing Group’s ‘Three Pillar Process’

MPPG addresses the financial and regulatory challenges faced by private practice today by focusing on Three Core Pillars: Cutting Costs, Practice Efficiencies, and New Revenue Production.

Cutting Costs – MPPG has developed contractual relationships with a wide variety of companies to provide discounts on goods and services already used by medical practices; vaccines, medical and surgical supplies, medical liability protection and merchant banking services.

Practice Efficiencies – MPPG has curated contracts with some of the most cutting edge companies focused on making medical practices more efficient; HR solutions, online scheduling & billing, internal communications, and external communications.

Revenue Producing  – MPPG has created great relationships with partners that bring previously untapped revenues to medical practices; in office pharmaceutical dispensing, expanding laboratory services, obtaining federal funds for employee retention and capturing class action funds owed to medical practices.

Our team takes a collaborative approach to make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to maximizing the efficiency and financial opportunities for your practice.  MPPG receives tremendous volume discounts because we negotiate pricing based on the collective size of the group.

At MPPG we discuss each of our member’s objectives as a team to ensure every practice in our group is provided with the highest quality partner supplies and services with the most innovative purchasing solutions.

What To Expect When Joining the Medical Practice Purchasing Group

The easy first step is to complete the online Participation Agreement form or download the Participation Agreement pdf, fill it out and fax it to 818-332-7058. You will be supplying us with simple information about your practice such as doctors’ names, specialties, Tax ID Number, DEA Number, vaccine providers you’ll want loyalty discounts from, etc.

Your information will be forwarded to our partners so that your practice is linked as quickly as possible. MPPG will confirm that you are a contracted member and then you may begin to order and to save. Each step of the way, MPPG will keep you updated.

Why Is the Medical Practice Purchasing Group the Best Physician Buying Group (PBG)?

All PBGs can save you money and some share their revenues with their members.  MPPG rejects this model as short-sighted and not as a serious attempt to service their medical practice members. 

After all, there is more to a practice than vaccines and more to helping a practice than one line item.

MPPG is focused on everything about your practice; your fixed costs, your variable costs, your practice efficiency, finding new revenue sources.  Everything. 

And, if there are areas we are not covering, we want to hear from you.  We are always looking for new ways to improve your practice and help with your bottom line

Who Is the Leadership Team Behind Medical Practice Purchasing Group?

Brian Greenberg, M.D.

Founder, Medical Practice Purchasing Group (MPPG), Oak Park, CA

Dr. Brian Greenberg created MPPG in 2004 to help medical practices thrive and to enable doctors to focus on what we do best, taking care of patients.  Having practiced medicine (Pediatrics and Allergy) for over thirty years and having owned and managed a medical practice for over twenty-five years, Dr. Greenberg knows firsthand how difficult it can be to operate a successful medical practice.  Declining reimbursement, increasing costs and regulations and changes in the competitive marketplace have created unprecedented challenges to private practice. 

In addition to treating Pediatric patients, Dr. Greenberg provides care for a large number of Adult Allergy patients, focusing on prevention and education. He has been involved in education for many years having chaired the University of Pennsylvania’s Alumni Interview Program for Ventura County and Malibu as well as being Chair of the Board of a local private elementary school.

Dr. Greenberg received his medical degree from the University of Florida and completed his Pediatrics residency and Fellowship in Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of California, Los Angeles. 


 Sally Smith Heidhues

 Director of Operations, MPPG

Before starting to work with Dr. Greenberg in 1993, Sally stayed at home to raise her four children, three sons anddaughter. After beginning to work with Dr. Greenberg, her responsibilities began with direct patient care then progressed to office purchasing and administration. Her continued involvement with the day-today operations of the medical practice makes her an ideal director of operations for MPPG. Sally’s primary goal is ensuring all members are receiving the discounts they deserve. Sally is married and between her and her husband, has six children. She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with her husband.

Leslie Parrish Fuchs

National Director of Membership, MPPG

Leslie received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Colorado. She has worked with physicians and their administrators since 1988 in various capacities, initially with a vaccine manufacturer as a Senior Biological Product Specialist then as a Sales Trainer and Division Manager. Leslie came to MPPG in 2012 to help members of MPPG increase their purchasing power and add excellence to member care. Understanding the challenges of a modern medical practice, Leslie is glad to answer questions and provide assistance to members and prospective members at any time that’s convenient for them. She is a mother of three sons. She also spends time on a variety of fundraising projects, including those that support teachers and the arts.


Client Testimonials

"Our savings on our malpractice insurance alone were significant. I highly recommend MPPG."

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