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Why Should I Join?

Medical Practice Purchasing Group’s (MPPG) goal is to lower your practice’s expenses through the cooperative power of group purchasing.  We are a physician buying group and we have negotiated outstanding pricing with major product and service providers (see list below) to reduce your expenses and increase your office efficiency. MPPG receives tremendous volume discounts because we negotiate pricing based on the collective size of the group. Our goal is to help you save time and money.

Practices utilizing these resources report savings between 10 and 40% on their highest cost line items.

MPPG is proud to offer members preferred pricing with vaccine manufacturers, medical supply distributors, bankcard processing companies, wireless service providers, recruitment organizations, medical waste management companies, electronic communications vendors, record storage and disposal companies, medical liability protection carriers and professional associations.

What are the Main Benefits of a Group Purchasing Organization?

A group purchasing organization leverages the collective purchasing power of thousands of businesses to secure lower prices for their members. GPOs also bring balance to the negotiating equation because they already have relationships and contracts in place with vendors and suppliers.

The main benefits of a group purchasing organization are improved cost savings, efficiency, and providing more consistent pricing.

  • Cost Savings. GPOs reduce costs primarily through two mechanisms: lower prices through joint negotiation and lower transaction costs. …
  • Improved Efficiency. …
  • Consistent Pricing.

What is a Group Purchasing Organization in Healthcare?

According to the Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) a group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that helps healthcare providers and practices realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors, and other vendors.

What is an Example of a GPO in Healthcare?

GPO members include hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, nursing homes, and home health agencies.

What are MPPG’s membership benefits?

  • Substantial savings on vaccine costs
  • Savings on medical supplies – even if you are already on a national contract
  • Savings on the costs of processing credit and debit cards
  • Savings on medical liability protection
  • MPPG provides a collective voice to manufacturers
  • The more vendors you choose the more money you save
  • Increase your annual loyalty payments by choosing more vendors


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Client Testimonials

"Our savings on our malpractice insurance alone were significant. I highly recommend MPPG."

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