Physicians providing care for adolescents and other patients at risk may be wondering why the switch from Menactra® ( Men ACYW 135- D) to state of the art meningitis immunization with Sanofi Pasteur’s MenQuadfi® ( ACYW-TT ).  The vaccine development shows improved potential prevention of serogroup C.  


 “…….When administered as a single dose to meningococcal vaccine-naïve healthy toddlers the superiority of the MenACYW-TT serogroup C immune response versus MCV4-TT was demonstrated for hSBA GMTs (ratio 16.3 [12.7–21.0]) and seroprotection (difference 10.43% [5.68–16.20]); and versus MenC-TT in terms of rSBA GMTs (ratio 1.32 [1.06–1.64])…….“In meningococcal vaccine-naïve toddlers, MenACYW-TT induced superior immune responses to serogroup C versus MCV4-TT in terms of hSBA seroprotection and GMTs and versus MenC-TT in terms of rSBA GMTs.”