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MPPG Announces an Important New Partner!

10/5/2023 Medical Practice owners look at the services you can access as an MPPG member!  J. Galt helps physicians shift the guarantee on loans from a personal one to a business guarantee, in addition to many other financial services!  Take a quick look at this 2...

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Never Scan Forms Again!

5/11/2023 NexHealth is making it easier for practices to cut costs, save time, and deliver a unique and modern patient experience by giving away iPad to new customers. Check out the details below. Offer: NexHealth will be giving away iPads to all locations (3 or...

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Sanofi Provides Vaccination Support Resources

3/29/23 Healthcare Providers can maximize their influence and care through the support materials offered by manufacturers.  Vaccine manufacturers are a partner to physicians’ endeavors to protect patients wellness.  From reimbursement learning tools to patient...

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March 16 is National Vaccination Day!

3/16/2023 Join us in celebrating National Vaccination Day on March 16. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes this day, which started in India, to support vaccination for every child and to thank those working to meet this goal.  On this day, we encourage...

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Podcasts with Modern Value

3/14/23 We found Dr. Sharon Mclaughlin’s Podcast shouldn’t be missed.  Female Physician Entrepeneurs Podcast delivers outstanding insights to inform and inspire physicians in business! Take a listen to MPPG’s own, Dr. Brian Greenberg sharing his decades of...

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RSV, Flu & SARS CoV 2; Oh My!

11/23/22 Respiratory syncytial, influenza and SARS CoV 2 viruses are already wreaking havoc across the US.  Some referring to the current disease climate as a “tripledemic”. Although an RSV vaccine is not yet available, there are for flu and...

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Did You See Fluzone HD® & Flublok® on T.V?

10/12/22 Not all influenza vaccines are equivalent, from AstraZeneca’s Flumist® to Sanofi Pasteur’s Fluzone®HD, medical practices can tailor their flu vaccine inventory to fit their patient demographic.  Regardless of the patient type there are influenza immunization...

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Today is World Meningitis Day

10/5/22 For those who are fortunate enough to survive the infection by Neisseria meningitidis serotypes A, C, Y, W or B, permanent long term disabilities could result.  Brain damage, learning disabilities, limb amputation and/or hearing loss. These infections can and...

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Difficult Flu Season Approaching?

9/22/22 Although humans may be tiring of talk of pandemics, infectious diseases, vaccines, masks and the like, the pathogens will not tire.  Our current apathy and circumstances this season may give the influenza viruses a prime opportunity.  The influenza virus has...

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Diagnostic Strategies Meet MPPG Pricing

 9/20/22 NIOX is a dedicated diagnostics and management company focused on asthma. Their market-leading NIOX® products are used by physicians around the world to help improve asthma diagnosis and management, and they support their customers with dedication to...

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