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Difficult Flu Season Approaching?

9/22/22 Although humans may be tiring of talk of pandemics, infectious diseases, vaccines, masks and the like, the pathogens will not tire.  Our current apathy and circumstances this season may give the influenza viruses a prime opportunity.  The influenza virus has...

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Diagnostic Strategies Meet MPPG Pricing

 9/20/22 NIOX is a dedicated diagnostics and management company focused on asthma. Their market-leading NIOX® products are used by physicians around the world to help improve asthma diagnosis and management, and they support their customers with dedication to...

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Heplisav-B® added to HepB Vaccine Discounts!

8/24/22 Medical Practice Purchasing Group has added Dynavax and their powerhouse 2 dose only Hepatitis B vaccine, Heplisav-B® to their impressive list of vaccine manufacturer partners.  With the ACIP’s universal HepB vaccine recommendation for all adults over 19,...

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Moderna Update COVID 19 Vaccine!

7/12/2022 Moderna will presenting updated information for healthcare professionals in 4 scheduled webinars.  Review the options below then complete the REGISTRATION. Immunization protocols as well as dosing varies for certain age groups Physicians and their staff...

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Merck’s PCV15 VAXNEUVANCE™ Receives Pediatric Approval

6/22/23 Merck’s 15 valent conjugated pneumonia vaccine PCV15, VAXNEUVANCE™ received FDA approval for use in pediatric patients today. VAXNEUVANCE™ may be used now to prevent disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7F, 9V, 14, 18C, 19A,...

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Vaccine Coding & Billing Help for Medical Practices

6/2/22 Sanofi Pasteur is offering a complimentary vaccine coding and billing webinar as well as support resources to assist providers in receiving appropriate vaccine reimbursement and professional administration services reimbursement.  Visit the...

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Summer Vaccination Begins

5/27/22 Fortunately, summer is a great time to get patients in for their available vaccines #MenACYW & #MenB!  Curious about vaccination rates in your state?  Don’t delay reach out to patients today! Vaccine manufacturers Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer and Merck all have...

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Infant Formula Shortage

5/12/22 Pediatricians might try ordering some formula from McKesson if samples are running low.  Although there are allocations with distributors, it is another source.  Providers might also suggest parents check with smaller retailers in addition to the...

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MenQuadfi® Meningococcal conjugate ( Men ACYW ) Vaccine

4/28/22 Physicians providing care for adolescents and other patients at risk may be wondering why the switch from Menactra® ( Men ACYW 135- D) to state of the art meningitis immunization with Sanofi Pasteur’s MenQuadfi® ( ACYW-TT ).  The vaccine development shows...

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Vaccines That Start with “V”

4/27/22 HCPs may access discounts directly or in some circumstances, indirectly on Vaxelis™, Vaxneuvance™, Varivax®, Vaqta®.  It is true that the vaccines that start with letters of the alphabet other than “V”, like “G” and “P” may also be accessed at a savings and...

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Vaxelis™ Highlight for National Infant Immunization Week

4/21/2022 MD’s interested in saving significantly on the vaccine for infants Vaxelis™, may do so through an MPPG membership. Independent practices as well as large groups may join Medical Practice Purchasing Group at no fee for discounts on vaccines they need to...

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Final Call For Flu Vaccine Pre-Booking

4/12/22 Medical Practices that have already reserved flu vaccine for the upcoming season can rest easy.  Practices that have not put in their fall orders yet for Sanofi Pasteur’s Fluzone® QIV, Fluzone HD® and Flublok® need to do so by this Friday April 15th! ...

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