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What is Evolv, Inc.?

As a leader in Merchant Services for over 25 years, Evolv has partnered with medical offices, sales offices, banks, associations, government and more offering the best in payment acceptance and business solutions.

Evolv has shared their expertise with over 100 organizations like MPPG to help eliminate payment expense, deploy newer and safer payment acceptance technology, and help merchants increase traffic to their business with digital marketing solutions that produce in-bound leads.

An industry leader for nearly a quarter century, Evolv’s fundamental belief is to help businesses increase their sales, while mitigating risks and reducing many business expenses like payment processing costs. To do this, Evolv uses technology that qualifies payments at the best rates, while allowing you the option to pass the payment fees on to your customer to truly eliminate your expenses.

What Products and Services Does Evolv Merchant Services Provide?

  • ACH & Check Solutions
  • Buyer’s Choice Credit Card Fee Elimination
  • Online Payments
  • Contactless Terminals
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • e-Commerce + Integrations
  • Gift + Loyalty
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Digital Marketing Agency

Where is Evolv, Inc. Located?

Evolv is headquartered in Newburgh, Indiana serving business, medical practices, government and more nationwide.

What Year was Evolv Merchant Services Founded?

Founded in 1998 as Approval Payment Solutions (APS), the company rebranded to Evolv in 2021.

Who is on the Evolv, Inc. Leadership Team?

Allan Noe is the Chief Executive Officer of Evolv, Inc.

Why Work with Evolv Merchant Services?

Evolv maintains a high standard of customer service with their merchants, partners and agents. Their dedicated team is:

Knowledgeable & Highly Trained – Evolv offers weekly product training for its customer service representatives and sales channel. Much of their team has a decade or more experience in merchant solutions.

Friendly & Supportive – As an organization, Evolv treats their merchants, partners and agents like…people. They value your partnership, respect your time, and work hard to provide the right products and great service.

Dedicated to Your Business – At Evolv, the team is organized in such a way where you will often hear a familiar voice. Their business is built on partnership and customer service, and we care about your business.

What are the Benefits of Using Evolv as a Merchant Services Provider?

Evolv has dedicated relationship managers and in-house technical and customer support teams who work directly with you. Evolv ’s hold-time is less than 2 minutes and they have over 50 5-star reviews on Google!

Features you will love:
– Reduce nearly all of your payment fees
– Send electronic invoices
– Use a payment link that can be texted, emailed, placed on social media,website, etc.
– Integrated QuickBooks solution available
– ACH processing solution available

Evolv Inc. has a proven track record that will help your practice:

Lower Costs – As a leader in payment process and digital marketing solutions, Evolv has creative, cost-effective programs for all types of businesses.

Increase Sales – Evolv gives you the tools you need to grow your online presence, drive more patients to your practice, and increase your bottom line.

Mitigate Risk – Evolv is dedicated to ensuring their merchants are protected by taking all necessary steps to securing your solutions and reducing your risk.

What Does a Merchant Services Provider Do For Small Business?

A merchant services provider is a financial software partner that encompasses everything from hardware to software that is needed for businesses to accept and process credit or debit card payments for both in-store and online sales. The provider serves as a mediator between banks, customers, and merchants. A merchant account is a type of bank account that lets businesses accept payments by debit or credit card.

What is the Evolv Buyer’s Choice Credit Card Fee Elimination Program?

Evolv’s Merchant Processing Services allows you to offer patients a Buyer’s Choice in which they choose the price they pay. This technology automatically configures a cash price and a card price for your products and services, adding in the price of payment acceptance. No longer do you need to burden the cost of accepting credit and debit cards.

How to Get Further Savings on Evolv’s Merchant Services Solutions Through MPPG

To schedule a discovery call to learn more about Evolv’s payment or digital solutions, contact Carm Scherr at moc.vloveybderewop@rrehcsc or (636) 207-9000 opt 2.


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