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What is Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC)?

Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) is a cost reduction firm that helps businesses lower their credit card processing costs without the headaches of having to switch providers. MCC is not a credit card processor. MCC consultants look to review your current credit card processing statements to find hidden fees and unnecessary charges with your current provider.

MCC’s experts specialize in renegotiating and monitoring medical practice credit card processing fees. When you lower any unnecessary costs to your business, you keep more of your hard-earned revenue to help further propel growth. Businesses that restructure merchant account fees with Merchant Cost Consulting will typically save upwards of 30% to 40% on their current fees.

MCC helps clients lower credit card processing costs without disrupting their day-to-day operations. This includes keeping the same processing company and bank in place. From there they police and audit the account on a monthly basis to ensure the fees do not creep back up.

MCC has analyzed countless merchant account statements for thousands of clients who have received lower credit card processing fees because of these efforts.

Merchant Cost Consulting has proven time and again their ability to identify the pricing tricks of nearly every merchant service provider in the industry. MCC offers your practice a Free Analysis so you can quickly discover how to alleviate the hidden fees and pricing traps that have likely been draining your profits.

What Products and Services Does Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) Provide?

  Initial Audit

Merchant Cost Consulting offers a free analysis of your practice’s merchant service provider processing statements.

Restructuring Credit Card Fees

One of the big problems seen in the credit card processing industry is when the credit card processing companies set up dishonest pricing. Their sales representatives will set a business up on a pricing structure that is beneficial for profit instead of helpful to the business.

It’s a useful exercise to restructure credit card fees that a business will pay with their current processing company.

If a business is set up on the incorrect pricing structure, the fees that are paid can be substantial. Businesses that are set up on the correct pricing structure are typically always paying less than 2.5%.


After your practice has lowered your processing fees, the credit card processing company will typically increase your pricing within three to six months to try and make back their profit. They often try to hide this in a fee that was not previously discussed during the negotiation.

It’s a useful exercise to restructure credit card fees that a business will pay with their current processing company.

Once you’ve restructured your merchant processing fee structure, it’s important to protect your savings by having MCC continuously monitor your statements for any new charges or higher rates.

Where is Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) Located?

Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

What Year was Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) Founded?

Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) was founded in 2017.

Who is on the Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) Leadership Team?

Tony Bolduc and Colin O’Keefe are the co-founders of Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC). Mr. Bolduc oversees daily operations of MCC.

Why Work with Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC)?

Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) is made up of industry experts with over 30 years of knowledge and expertise. Their unique system allows for MCC to lower merchant service fees without changing your current processing company or equipment.

When MCC becomes part of their client’s team, there are no upfront costs or fixed monthly fees. MCC is a performance-based consulting firm that is only compensated on the savings obtained for their clients.

Let Merchant Cost Consulting be your credit card processing consultant.

  • MCC audits your accounts and negotiates lower rates, driving down costs from your current providers.
  • When rates increase, the MCC team works to get the rates back down and issue any applicable refunds
  • MCC only shares a percentage of the savings they can find for their clients. If there are no savings, MCC makes no money.

What are the Benefits of Using Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) as a Credit Card Processing Consulting Agency?

If a business is looking at its merchant processing statement with an untrained eye, rate increases are going to be impossible to detect.

Merchant Cost Consulting is the only way to find each and every hidden fee on your merchant statement each month. Once MCC catches a rate increase or hidden fee, the credit card processing company will be contacted and the fees that were increased are refunded as well as reduced back to the correct cost.

Lowering credit card fees is imperative for any business trying to reduce its operating expense and increase ROI. With credit card merchant fees always changing, it’s difficult for businesses to understand how the credit card merchant fees actually work and how the credit card merchant fees are actually charged to businesses.

Businesses that audit credit card fees without Merchant Cost Consulting typically save anywhere from two to ten percent on their current fees.

But businesses that restructure merchant account fees with Merchant Cost Consulting will typically save upwards of thirty to forty percent on their current fees.

Is Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) a Merchant Processing Services Provider?

No. Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) is strictly a consulting firm looking to help clients save as much money as possible on their merchant service fees.

The difference between (MCC) and a typical merchant processing service is that the goal of a processor is to set your rates as high as possible. This is because the higher they set your processing rates, the more money goes into their pocket.

MCC reviews your merchant statements for free and showcases just how much your business is being overcharged.

How Does It Work With a Performance Based Agency?

When working with a performance based agency your business is charged no upfront fees. The agency shares only a percentage of the savings they can deliver on a monthly basis. If there are no savings, the agency does not get compensated by you.

How Many Months of Merchant Service Provider Processing Statements Are Necessary to Provide a Proper Analysis of Credit Card Fees?

Three to six months worth of statements should be analyzed in order to identify hidden fees, surcharges, unethical pricing, and overall costs of the current situation of a business or medical practice.

How to Get Further Savings on Merchant Cost Consulting (MCC) Services Solutions Through MPPG

If you are an MPPG member and would like to learn more about Merchant Cost Consulting, please contact Patrick Maclellan at 508-733-7622 or moc.gnitlusnoctsoctnahcremnull@kcirtap

If you are not an MPPG member, please click on the “Join Now” button at the top of the page.

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