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Who is HollisterStier Allergy?

Since 1921, HollisterStier Allergy has partnered with allergists to help improve the lives of allergy patients. Our promise has always been to provide quality products, services, and resources to physicians and the patients they treat – and we remain committed to those ideals today.

HollisterStier Allergy is North America’s sole provider of venom immunotherapy products, the Acetone Precipitated (AP) line of extracts, or other exclusives like the innovative ComforTen®Multiple Skin Test System.

We manufacture a complete line of allergenic products, including phenol free extracts for diagnostic testing and immunotherapy, and complete skin testing systems.

HollisterStier Allergy is a division of Jubilant Pharma, a world leader in providing high quality integrated pharmaceutical products to the global allergy market for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

With nearly 100 years of leadership in research, extract production, and immunotherapy products, doctors around the world choose HollisterStier Allergy. Our promise has always been to provide quality products, services, and resources to physicians and allergy patients – and we remain committed to those ideals today.

To learn more about our company and how to partner with us please visit here.

Who Is on the HollisterStier Allergy Leadership Team?

Chris Preti – President.  Chris has 25 years of pharmaceutical experience in research and development, marketing, sales, and operations. He is committed to building on HollisterStier Allergy’s reputation as a national leader in allergenic extracts and skin test devices, and in helping practitioners meet the challenges they face treating allergy patients. Chris has a Masters of Science in Chemistry from Furman University and a Masters of International Business Studies at Darla Moore School of Business, South Carolina University along with completing Wharton’s School of Business Transformational Leadership for Executives program in Pennsylvania.

What Is HollisterStier Allergy’s Core Business Focus?

Our focus has always been on subcutaneous immunotherapy and bulk extracts. We create effective products to meet the specific needs of allergy specialists.

What Is Subcutaneous Immunotherapy?

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT) also known as allergy shots, have been a proven allergy treatment for more than 100 years. SCITs are the most used and most effective form of allergy immunotherapy. They are the only treatment that can make changes to the human immune system. Allergy shots often have a lasting beneficial effect, well after therapy has been completed. They can also prevent new allergies and asthma from developing.

What Are Allergen Extracts?

Injectable allergen extracts are used for both diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Allergies are a condition in which the immune system reacts abnormally to a foreign substance. Extracts are sterile liquids that are manufactured from natural substances (such as molds, pollens, insects, insect venoms, and animal hair) known to elicit allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

What Products Does HollisterStier Allergy Offer?

Our product portfolio includes several unique offerings, including our Acetone Precipitated (AP) extracts, Mite, Histamine Dihydrochloride, 1:10 molds, cross-reactive, and our exclusive line of Venoms. We also offer a variety of standardized and non-standardized extracts including grass, weed, and tree pollens, foods, mites, insects, cats, and dogs (AP Dog is HollisterStier’s exclusive acetone precipitated dog hair extract).

You can view our full catalog here.

What Are the Benefits of Phenol Free Products?

HollisterStier Allergy’s glycerin extracts do not contain phenol in the extraction process, which helps prevent the denaturing of the proteins over time. This is significant because the longer an extract containing phenol sits on the shelf, the greater the potential of weakening the proteins in the vial.

We are proud to be the only US supplier that does not use this chemical because we extract in glycerin and do not need phenol as a preservative. Our competitors do have phenol in their extract because they have a different extraction process.

What Testing Devices Does HollisterStier Allergy Offer?

We offer two unique skin test systems, ComforTen® Multiple Skin Test System & QUINTEST® Multiple Skin Test System. These devices are equipped with 1.2 mm stainless surgical steel tips that penetrate uniformly to obtain reproducible, well-defined reactions with minimal discomfort and trauma to your patients. Our diagnostic products include 5mL scratch vials of allergenic extracts, Histamine positive control, and 50% Glycerin negative control.

Does HollisterStier Allergy Offer Free Patient Educational Materials to Its Customers?

Yes, HollisterStier Allergy offers patient education materials that customers can order free of charge. We will ship these materials directly to your office. This includes Educational Tear-Off Pads detailing Cat Allergies, Dog Allergies, Dust Mite Allergies, Mold Allergies and others. Customers can also order Pollen Activity Posters for their areas of the country. Medical practices love to hang these around the office and in exam rooms. We also offer Practice Resources such as our Cross-Reactivity Guide as well as many other useful materials to help your practice. We also have an online ordering portal where customers can place orders, save frequently ordered products for quick reorders, and view/pay invoices as well.

What Is HollisterStier Allergy’s BeeAware Program?

We offer patient-focused free educational materials to help answer the questions your patients ask. For example, we created the BeeAware program to inform the public about Venom Immunotherapy (VIT), demonstrating our commitment to both patients and allergists.

We offer a full website dedicated to awareness and education regarding Bee Sting Allergies. This site has tons of content for both customers and patients. The website also has a Physician Locator tab where a patient can search the radius of their zip code and find any providers in that area who are practicing Venom Immunotherapy. This is invaluable in helping guide patients to our customers.

In addition to free marketing materials, customers can also access our Social Media Toolkit which shares incredible amounts of information around all things Bee Related. As our customer, all you need to do is connect to this Toolkit through your social media account(s) and you will have access to unlimited content that will help bring attention to your social media profile.

What Is HollisterStier Allergy’s Virtual Pollen Walk?

Pollen Walk is a website that will help both customers and patients in locating different plants and weeds in their area. It acts as a “Virtual Pollen Walk” that teaches patients how to identify the most common tree, grass, and weed pollens where they live, or where they travel in the United States.

The site provides photos and information on the dominant pollens in all environments in the US including: City (careless weed, pigweed, orchard grass, English plantain), Desert (greasewood, kochia, mesquite, Russian thistle), Forest (black willow, pine, reed canary grass, juniper), Pasture (wild oat, horse, dog, cattle), Roadside (American elm, red mulberry, English plantain, short ragweed), and Stream (black willow, goldenrod, Kentucky bluegrass, reed canary grass).

How Fast Does HollisterStier Allergy Ship Orders?

Orders will be processed within one business day. Next day air shipment orders should be placed before 12:30 p.m. PT. Proof of delivery may be requested within 60 days of the invoice date.

Does HollisterStier Allergy Have Great Customer Service?

We share your goal to improve the quality of your patients’ lives. So, whether you have an order, a question, or a concern, our knowledgeable HollisterStier Allergy’s sales representatives are available to provide you with the best in quality service.

Our U.S. Customer Service Team can be reached by:
Phone: 800-495-7437
Email: moc.lbujnull@reitSretsilloH
Hours: 6 a.m. – 3 p.m. PT M–F

Our Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Customer Service Team can be reached by:
Phone: 1-800-525-7389
Fax: 1-800-752-6258
Email: moc.lbujnull@selaslanoitanretni
Hours: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. PT M–F

Our International Customer Service Team can be reached by:

Phone: 1-509-482-1732
Fax: 1-509-482-3540
Hours: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. PT M–F


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