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What is Med-Waste Systems?

Med-Waste Systems provides healthcare facilities with medical waste management solutions. Southern California based Med-Waste is family owned and operated, providing great service at affordable rates. Med-Waste Systems handles the pick-up, transport and disposal of all medical waste including sharps, red-bag, pharmaceutical, chemotherapeutic, pathology, and animal waste. In keeping up with local, state and federal regulations, Med-Waste Systems is registered with the California Department of Toxic Substance Control and the California Department of Health. (CA only).

What Services Does Med-Waste Systems Provide?

Med-Waste Systems services a variety of facilities working with physicians, hospitals, laboratories, clinical researchers, skin care physicians, and many more. Their services include the removal, transportation and disposal of all medical waste.

Does Med-Waste Systems Offer OSHA Training & Compliance Services?

Med-Waste Systems provides Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training for safe medical waste handling and disposal in compliance with regulations. Annual training is required for employees, supervisors and managers at businesses that produce and/or handle hazardous waste and emergency response. The training offered by Med-Waste Systems is convenient and ideal for healthcare facilities, research labs, and other medical waste producers.

When Was Med-Waste Systems Founded?

Med-Waste Systems was founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing the medical industry with an affordable solution to their medical waste needs.  It was clear that the big “national” companies were taking advantage of the market. Customers thought there was only one choice when it came to disposing of their waste. Med-Waste Systems’ mission is to change that.

Where is Med-Waste Systems Located?

Med-Waste Systems is based in Chatsworth, CA and Ventura, CA and serves the entire state of California.

Who is on the Med-Waste Systems Leadership Team?

Tiffany Bradley is the founder and CEO of Med-Waste Systems.

What is Med-Waste Systems Most Known For?

With the national companies implementing five year contracts, automated telephone services, lack of customer service, random charges on invoices, and rising rates year after year, there had to be a change. Med-Waste Systems insists on providing a more personal service to their customers while keeping costs down and offering flexible solutions. Med-Waste Systems allows you to concentrate on your most valuable asset – your patients.

Why Is Medical Waste Problematic?

Medical waste or biohazardous wastes are more dangerous than household waste. Medical waste items contain bodily fluids, gross tissues, and sharps that possess pathogens that cause disease. Contamination or leaks of medical waste in human habitat can also cause disease.

How Does Medical Waste Affect the Environment?

Biomedical waste and chemicals contaminate groundwater and pollute waterways endangering aquatic life and damaging agricultural irrigation systems. Rodents, birds, and other animals are also more likely to catch and spread parasites and bacterial infections when exposed to medical waste.

What is the Greatest Danger of Medical Waste?

Health Risks. Health-care waste contains potentially harmful microorganisms which can infect hospital patients, health workers, and the general public. Other potential infectious risks may include the spread of drug-resistant microorganisms from health facilities into the environment.

What is Medical Waste Management?

The Regulated Medical Waste Program has oversight for proper storage, treatment and disposal of medical waste produced by hospitals, residential health care facilities, diagnostic and treatment centers (see section 2801 of the Public Health Law) and clinical laboratories (see section 571 of the Public Health Law).

How to Order Med-Waste Systems Services Through MPPG

Med-Waste Systems is a favorite vendor with our members due to their outstanding rates and service. It is a refreshing improvement for those switching from their previous service provider! We hear this all the time! Med-Waste Systems also has the added convenience of handling all your OSHA compliance training needs!

In addition to the removal and disposal of all your medical waste, you can also order all of your medical waste supplies through Med-Waste Systems. Click here to learn more or to get a free quote on all of your medical waste needs please contact Tiffany Saalih. (CA only).

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