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Med Pro Disposal Logo, a medical group purchasing organization partner of MPPG

What is MedPro Disposal?

MedPro Disposal is a medical waste disposal company providing reliable, cost-effective medical waste disposal, pharmaceutical disposal, data and document destruction service, and OSHA/HIPAA compliance training services to the healthcare industry. MedPro Disposal provides healthcare-focused solutions via a nationwide hauling network. They offer the ability to customize your service according to your facility’s needs. As your practice grows, they ensure your waste disposal and compliance training needs are met. They’re goal is to be the most affordable solution while helping clients stay compliant with all governing bodies.

What Services Does MedPro Disposal Provide?

MedPro Disposal offers a comprehensive range of services including

medical waste disposal, medical waste transport, medical waste hauling, infectious waste removal, hazardous waste removal, sharps collection and disposal, compliance training, data and document destruction.

When Was MedPro Disposal Founded?

MedPro Disposal was founded in 2009. Since then over 30,000 healthcare providers in 48 states have trusted MedPro Disposal to manage their medical waste and compliance training needs.

Where is MedPro Disposal Located?

MedPro Disposal is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois USA.

Who is on the MedPro Disposal Leadership Team?

George Shanine is the CEO and Dan Hansen is the President/COO of MedPro Disposal.

What Industries Does MedPro Disposal Serve?

MedPro Disposal is the most trusted provider in Medical Waste Management serving a broad range of industries including Hospitals, Physician Practices, Dental Practices, Emergency Care Clinics, Long-Term Care Clinics, and Funeral Homes.

What is MedPro Disposal Most Known For?

MedPro Disposal is committed to saving you money without sacrificing service, so you can focus on what matters most, your patients. The company offers safe and affordable waste removal services. Having formed an alliance with independent transporters and destruction facilities, they bring to their customers safe and economical destruction of medical waste, providing reliable, cost-effective medical waste disposal service to large and small companies.

How is MedPro Disposal Committed to the Environment?

MedPro Disposal utilizes environmentally friendly disposal options across the nation. From fuel-efficient vehicles to disposing of their client’s biohazard waste with the use of steam-powered autoclave machinery, they make every attempt to minimize our impact within local communities.

Does MedPro Disposal Take Full Title of Your Medical Waste?

MedPro Disposal takes full title to your waste and carries the most comprehensive insurance, offering 100% protection.

Why is Medical Waste Management Important?

According to the United Nations Development Program, All medical waste must be disposed of responsibly, even if it is not considered particularly hazardous. In order to reduce the risks of human infection, the spread of infections and the emergence of epidemics, it is important to properly sort and dispose of medical waste.

What are the Benefits of Reducing Medical Waste?

Safety in medical waste segregation and disposal is essential for front-line workers providing healthcare services. Waste segregation can help reduce the risk of injury or exposure. For example, a used sharp (such as a needle or syringe) disposed of in a regular trash can could lead to a needlestick injury.

Why Is Medical Waste Problematic?

Medical waste or biohazardous wastes are more dangerous than household waste. Medical waste items contain bodily fluids, gross tissues, and sharps that possess pathogens that cause disease. Contamination or leaks of medical waste in human habitat can also cause disease.

How Does Medical Waste Affect the Environment?

Biomedical waste and chemicals contaminate groundwater and pollute waterways endangering aquatic life and damaging agricultural irrigation systems. Rodents, birds, and other animals are also more likely to catch and spread parasites and bacterial infections when exposed to medical waste.

What is the Greatest Danger of Medical Waste?

Health Risks. Health-care waste contains potentially harmful microorganisms which can infect hospital patients, health workers, and the general public. Other potential infectious risks may include the spread of drug-resistant microorganisms from health facilities into the environment.

How to Order MedPro Disposal Services Through MPPG

MedPro Disposal offers a safe and convenient medical waste management program, understanding the importance of saving you money without sacrificing service. MedPro Disposal saves their clients an average of 30% on medical waste management and guarantees that their services will cut your current medical waste disposal budget by 20%. Contact MPPG to set up a free quote.

Client Testimonials

"Our savings on our malpractice insurance alone were significant. I highly recommend MPPG."

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