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Solutionreach is a provider-led, cloud-based platform that revolutionizes patient relationships and optimizes the patient experience. They utilize the latest in messaging technology and were the first to incorporate text-to-cell phone messaging capability into a communication system. By delivering the right message, to the right patient, at the right time, you make every patient the only patient.


Solutionreach makes it simple for you to manage personal relationships with all your patients throughout the entire continuum of care, so you retain satisfied, loyal, and healthy patients.


Check out this short video to see what Solutionreach can do for your practice!



Fifty percent of missed appointments are due to patients forgetting that they had an appointment. With Solutionreach, your patients can be reminded of their appointment and can confirm them at the same time. Also, Solutionreach makes it simple to send out newsletters and get patient feedback through surveys. To learn more please visit their website.

Solution reach gives your practice cutting edge patient communications. The web based marketing and communications tool brings your practice into the future while adding excellence and service to all you do for your patients and their families!

  • Urgent Announcements
  • Social Posts
  • Automatic reminders for patients who are over due for an office visit
  • Newsletters
  • Patients Referrals
  • Birthday Greetings and Congratulations
  • Patient video testimonials

And so much more

MPPG members receive a substantial discount upon implementation.

Take a Demo, Get a Gift Card

Schedule your demo today to receive a free $10 Starbucks gift card and to learn more about how Solutionreach can help your practice grow!


Client Testimonials

"Our savings on our malpractice insurance alone were significant. I highly recommend MPPG."

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