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What is Jackson & Coker?

Jackson + Coker is a doctor-recruiting firm representing some of the finest physicians in the United States who are interested in both locum tenens jobs and permanent placement physician jobs.

Jackson + Coker connects healthcare organizations of all sizes with physicians and advanced practitioners to deliver purposeful relationships and positive outcomes for all.

The firm places more than 1,500 physicians and advanced practitioners per year in jobs they love in virtually every major specialty and state.

Jackson + Coker is a true partner to your medical practice. They deliver proactive, concierge-level service, and take care of the details so you can focus on patient results.

If you are a medical group interested in quality medical staffing, Jackson + Coker is the doctor-recruiting firm for you.

What Services Does Jackson & Coker Provide?

Jackson + Coker specializes in physician recruitment for permanent physician jobs and locum tenens jobs. Telehealth and other virtual care solutions are also a key focus of the organization.

When your interest is in working with an experienced healthcare recruiting firm, think of Jackson + Coker for physician recruitment. Their broad range of experience includes physician jobs in anesthesia, family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, psychiatry, radiology, and surgery. In addition to physician positions Jackson + Coker also provides recruitment for CRNAs.

Where is Jackson & Coker Located?

Jackson + Coker is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.

What Year was Jackson & Coker Founded?

Jackson + Coker was founded in 1978.

Who Owns Jackson & Coker?

Jackson Healthcare is the parent company of Jackson + Coker Locum Tenens.

Who is on the Jackson & Coker Leadership Team?

Tim Fischer is the President of Jackson + Coker. Rick Jackson is the Chairman and CEO of Jackson Healthcare.

Why Work with Jackson & Coker?

For over 30 years, leading medical groups have turned to Jackson + Coker for physician recruitment for permanent physician jobs and locum tenens jobs.

Jackson + Coker helps healthcare organizations of all sizes deliver better patient care by connecting you with physicians and advanced practitioners who fit your culture, priorities, and goals. The company brings transparency and stability to the locum tenens process, building purposeful relationships driven by honest communication and a focus on continuous improvement.

Jackson + Coker cares about the success of your medical practice. They see the whole picture and cultivate a community of trust. A cross-specialty database enable the firm to deliver on your precise needs, so you can equip your community with the highest quality providers possible.

What are the Benefits of Using Jackson & Coker for Your Physician and Advanced Practitioner Staffing Needs?

Jackson + Coker strengthens your organization by:

  • Designing bespoke solutions to help you meet the diverse needs of your patients.
  • Having a network of providers to cover your staffing shortages and increase patient safety.
  • Handling search, privileging, verification, and licensing to alleviate administrative headaches.

By choosing to staff your practice via Locums you will strengthen your team while improving their quality of life by:

  • Increasing freedom and autonomy
  • Allowing them to focus on priorities
  • Getting the opportunity to improve mental health
  • Introducing career alternatives
  • Experiencing true financial flexibility

How Does Jackson and Coker Work?

Jackson + Coker provides seamless staffing solutions to elevate the stability and profitability of your medical practice. Their simple process can be broken down into 3 short steps:

  1. Provide your preferences.
  2. Jackson + Coker reviews your needs and partners you with a recruiter
  3. A customized solution is designed for you to find the right fit.

What is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens is one of the fastest-growing sectors within healthcare. Latin for “to hold the place of or substitute for,” locums physicians and advanced practitioners play a crucial role within the healthcare industry. These roles range from supporting understaffed facilities in rural, suburban, and urban communities to filling gaps in clinical care, all while allowing greater work-life flexibility, increased freedom, and competitive pay.

How Does Locum Staffing Services Help Meet Your Organization’s Needs?

The American healthcare market has expanded dramatically with demand for physicians and advanced practitioners outpacing supply in many areas. Healthcare organizations are facing increased pressure to find and retain full-time staff, while physician retirements and work-related burnout has led to a shrinking candidate pool.

This shortage, along with an aging population and the subsequent increased demand for medical care services, has led to the growth of the locum tenens industry. Locum tenens helps healthcare facilities fill their staffing needs with minimal disruptions to their rotations and budget.

Below are some of the benefits your facility can expect when you hire a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner.

Help your staff

Incorporating locums into your strategic staffing plans adds support to staff through busy periods is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to their success. This can help improve morale, decrease turnover and lead to an increase in employee satisfaction.

Help your patients

It can be difficult to provide the full range of care needed by your facility’s local population. By bringing in a locums physician or advanced practitioner, you can add crucial specialties to your facility’s offerings and expand the services you can offer.

Additionally you’ll be able to prrovide coverage when a physician or advanced practitioner is on leave and decrease patient wait times.

Help your bottom line

Locum tenens staffing is a great way to generate additional revenue, particularly if it enhances the services you are able to offer. Locums can also help your staff see more patients, increasing your daily revenue numbers.

The locums option is also an excellent way to decrease your overtime costs, fill service gaps during a hiring search and lets you try potential new hires on a temporary basis.

How to Get Further Savings on Jackson & Coker’s Physician and Advanced Practitioner Staffing Solutions Through MPP

For more information on how your practice can benefit from Jackson + Coker’s physician staffing services at preferential rates please contact Thomas J McKeever directly at: moc.erachtlaehnoskcajnull@reveekcmt

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