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Who is the Physicians Hearing Network?

Physicians Hearing Network (PHN) specializes in providing audiology and hearing aid services inside qualified physician practices across the U.S. Their program and a team of hearing service providers deliver convenient hearing testing and hearing aid services to patients through their physicians.

PHN was created because hearing loss can have a major impact on the overall health, safety and wellness of patients. This is the largest, fastest-growing provider for hearing services exclusive to physicians.

Physicians Hearing Network partners with primary care practices across the U.S. by renting an exam room a set number of days per week to provide their patients with complimentary hearing testing services. There is zero cost to the practice or patient and no billing of insurance. Physicians Hearing Network covers all expenses including labor and equipment. The rent revenue is pure profit to the practice.

What Products and Services Does Physicians Hearing Network Provide?

Hearing Tests and Consultations

Physicians Hearing Network offers hearing tests and consultations free of charge. They do not charge the patient or bill the patient’s insurance.

Hearing Aids

PHN offers hearing aids starting at multiple price points depending on the level of technology. There is a wide range of technologies available to fit the patient’s individual needs and budget.

Some of the hearing aid technologies available include:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • TV and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Music and media streaming
  • Faster, high-performance platform
  • Full remote fine-tuning solution


Where is the Physicians Hearing Network Located?

Physicians Hearing Network is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

What Year was Physicians Hearing Network Founded?

Physicians Hearing Network was founded in 2018.

Who is on the Physicians Hearing Network Leadership Team?

William McCrae is the Founder and CEO of Physicians Hearing Network (PHN).

Why Work with Physicians Hearing Network?

After operating 25+ private audiology practices and managing the audiology departments of 40+ ENT practices across the U.S., the Physicians Hearing Network management team has developed a turn-key hearing services model which allows us to provide comprehensive hearing evaluations and hearing aid services in a typical exam room without disrupting patient flow or creating administrative burden for the staff.

PHN’s goal is to detect and treat hearing loss as early in its development as possible. We believe the best way to achieve this is by partnering with primary care physicians to make hearing screenings a standard part of the annual checkup. Physicians who have partnered with us, as well as patients we’ve treated with hearing aids, appreciate the convenience of onsite hearing services and one less referral.

PHN’s hearing services program offers several benefits to your practice including added ancillary income (compliant with applicable laws) with no disruption to your practice. Your patients also benefit because your practice can now provide hearing care options as a continuation of the care and services they are accustomed to receiving in your care. Additionally, PHN’s hearing services will provide patients a reduction in their overall cost of medical care.

What are the Benefits of Using Physicians Hearing Network?

Benefits to Practice:

  • No cost to practice or patient and no billing of insurance for hearing services
  • PHN covers all equipment and labor costs
  • Enables practices to provide additional services on-site
  • Not disruptive to the office or patient flow
  • Higher patient retention (PHN enables physicians to provide their patients additional professional health services at no additional cost)
  • A more holistic approach to patient care
  • Turnkey hearing health care solution to patients: convenience, quality care, solution options
  • Patient referrals resulting from increased patient satisfaction
  • Ancillary income through your relationship with PHN

Benefits to Patient:

  • Convenient one-stop access to complete hearing healthcare services at your offices
  • Reduces unnecessary referrals
  • Reduces patient’s overall cost of care
  • Improves overall quality of life through early detection and treatment of hearing loss
  • Increase patient care and higher patient satisfaction: patients know they’re in good hands with their trusted physicians to provide high quality and compassionate health care
  • An integrated approach to caring and compassionate care: an extension of your practice delivering the personalized health services patients are accustomed to receiving

How Does the Physicians Hearing Network Screening Process Work?

Step 1: PHN utilizes an exam room for a set number of days per week to conduct complimentary hearing evaluations.

Step 2: PHN places a licensed and insured Hearing Services Provider in your practice.

Step 3: PHN provides the necessary equipment to provide audiology and hearing aid services.

Step 4: Practice refers patients for hearing tests.

Step 5: PHN provides your practice with patient test results.

Step 6: PHN offers the latest technology in hearing aids for patients that could benefit from them.

For more details, please view their FAQ page.

Does My Medical Practice Qualify to Join Physicians Hearing Network?

Qualifying Practice Profile:

  • Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Geriatric
  • Patient panel consists of 1,000+ patients age 65+
  • Practice averages 20+ patients (all ages) per day

How Much Would Physicians Hearing Network Pay to Rent Space at My Medical Practice?

Rent Model:

  • $1,000 – $4,167 per month depending on the size of the practice

I’m a Primary Care Physician. What Can My Patients Expect From Their Experience with Physicians Hearing Network Services?

PHN Hearing Service Providers offer the following services to your patients:

  • Conduct hearing test
  • Review hearing test results with the patient
  • Provide physician with test results
  • When appropriate, recommend a treatment plan for the patient

I’m a Primary Care Physician. Do I Need to Have a Soundbooth in my Practice for Physicians Hearing Network Hearing Tests?

No, testing equipment provided by PHN meets ANSI requirements for testing outside of an enclosed booth.

I’m an ENT Physician. How Can My Practice Benefit by Partnering with the Physicians Hearing Network?

  • Audiology consulting & management company exclusive to the ENT community
  • Industry-licensed senior management team
  • Proprietary software designed exclusively for ENT practices
  • Industry leader in KPIs
  • Buying group pricing on hearing aids
  • Specialized business model
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • 96% successful recruitment rate

How to Get Further Benefits with Physicians Hearing Network Through MPPG

If you would like to learn more about the Physician Hearing Network, please email moc.asunhpnull@leinad
Daniel Shafer
Cell: 210.315.5337

If you are not an MPPG member, click on the “Join Now” button at the top of the page.

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