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What is Transworld Systems Inc.?

Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) is the industry leader in healthcare collections. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a group practice, TSI can help you concentrate on your practice instead of outstanding balances.

With market leading proprietary collection analytics and algorithms, digital collections, omni-channel communications, and global scale, they are the hub for maximizing operational success.

TSI’s products and services allow you to spend more time on patient care, rather than receivables, with their easy-to-use, integrated technology solutions, compatible with nearly all EHR/PM systems. TSI offers both fixed fee and contingency services and guarantees their performance.

Delivering enhanced collection results and improving patient experiences are the core principles for Transworld Systems medical debt collection solutions. TSI’s efforts help you capture more revenue, while still maintaining goodwill in the community.

What Services Does Transworld Systems Inc. Provide?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

When it comes to servicing clients’ customer relationship needs, Transworld Systems applies the global reach and tech-empowered processes that have made them the industry leader. Services include: customer/patient acquisition, customer care, customer retention loyalty programs, and more.

BPO Services

The difference between good and great businesses comes down to one thing: efficiency. That’s why TSI’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operation is such an advantage to their clients. Fueled by secure, energy-efficient, redundant operating centers around the globe and fault-tolerant technology, TSI customizes solutions that drive better business outcomes and empower financial success. Example services include: data input and processing, claims processing, knowledge services (reporting and analysis).

First-Party Account Receivable Management (ARM)

TSI manages your accounts receivable, so you don’t have to. They reach your customers by leveraging a digital strategy that provides channel preference to swiftly resolve financial obligations. And with friendly payment reminders, TSI generates immediate results through a simple, positive experience.

Third-Party Collections

When it comes to collections, Transworld Systems is fair, respectful, honest and law-abiding.  Using TSI’s contingency based collections will instill a sense of urgency in your consumer. With leading-edge technology, they have mastered the art of location, built analytics-driven workflows, and layered in a dynamic communications platform to facilitate effective and expedited debt recovery.

TSI guarantees good faith performance. With revenue and customer satisfaction closely associated with the services provided by a collection agency—professionalism and quality of service are paramount. While increasing revenue and recovery is the fundamental core of their business, TSI understands the importance of cultivating a positive experience. Their highly-trained staff will work with customers to create a reasonable repayment schedule, and recover your revenue.

Loan Servicing

Transworld Systems uses University Accounting Service (UAS) as their subsidiary loan servicing provider. They offer loan servicing expertise to a wide range of clients—from institutional asset managers to community credit unions, as well as a variety of higher education institutions across the country. Powered by a proprietary platform, ConnectSM, the experts at UAS can effectively monitor portfolios, identify future enhanced repayment opportunities and streamline your organization’s loan servicing operations.

In addition, ConnectSM leverages an industry-leading compliance team, positioning clients for success in the regulatory environment of the future. Maintaining data integrity and high-borrower communication quality to meet all the demands of current regulatory requirements, UAS is poised to offer the most compliant loan servicing solution–industry wide.

Legal and Collections & Bankruptcy

TSI’s Attorney Network Services allow its clients to utilize a proven nationwide network of 125+ law firms to pursue unresolved accounts through the legal process. Utilizing best-in-class law firms that are heavily vetted, TSI provides counsel capable of effectively navigating the legal process, while remaining compliant with all laws and regulations. These firms handle complex portfolios and are extremely competent to manage your inventory.

TSI’s network of law firms are paid 100% on contingency. This structure ensures your portfolio receives the attention it deserves as the accounts are worked throughout the legal process. They are paid only when you realize recoveries on your accounts.

Where is Transworld Systems Inc. Located?

Transworld Systems Inc. is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.

What Year was Transworld Systems Inc. Founded?

Transworld Systems Inc. was founded in 1970.

Who is on the Transworld Systems Inc. Leadership Team?

Joseph E. Laughlin is the CEO of Transworld Systems, Inc.

Why Work with Transworld Systems Inc.?

Transworld Systems Inc (TSI) is dedicated to helping consumers find solutions to their financial problems and committed to their standard of excellence in client service.

TSI achieves this with their predictive analytics platform and a digital-first approach, they’re out to make the collections industry better every day. Having a well-established global operation in place enables TSI to deliver tailor-made service to every client, no matter how large or small.

TSI provides a holistic communication strategy: an omni-channel experience that enables customers to interact when they want, how they want. And most importantly to analyze the “why” behind the behavior that drives those interactions to further inform collection strategies. Harnessing the science of behavior, TSI has mastered the customer journey roadmap to optimize efficiency, experience and revenue.

Who Does Transworld Systems Inc. Collect For?

Transworld Systems Inc. is a third-party debt collector that provides services to medical companies, dental companies, education facilities, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses.

How to Get Further Savings on Transworld Systems Inc. Services Through MPPG

You will save as much as 12% of fees by being an MPPG member.

If you would like to learn more about how Transworld Systems Inc. can help your medical practice, please contact Valeria Martinet by email at moc.smetsysdlrowsnartnull@tenitraM.eirelaV, or by phone – Direct: 702-888-1092 Cell: 702-250-0253.

If you are not an MPPG member, click on the “Join Now” button at the top of the page.



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