Respiratory syncytial, influenza and SARS CoV 2 viruses are already wreaking havoc across the US.  Some referring to the current disease climate as a “tripledemic”.

Although an RSV vaccine is not yet available, there are for flu and COVID.  Physicians may continue to purchase additional flu vaccine doses as supplies last.

Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer of Fluzone High Dose, Fluzone, and Flublok can ship vaccine now through their website www.vaccineshoppe.com.  States are providing free COVID 19 vaccines as they have been since they’ve been approved. 

Always a great resource for disease surveillance data, the CDC’s FluView shares the facts, and it isn’t a pretty picture.  Pathogens care nothing for our political disagreements, or our understandably weary attitudes, they’re on a relentless, never-ending mission to hijack our biological systems to multiply.  Fighting off these common enemies isn’t a matter of “believing” in vaccines, it’s more a matter of “understanding” vaccines.  Those in the know, recommend we give it a go!

When patients state they’ve never received a flu vaccine and never caught the flu, a brilliant physician shared his response; “Have you ever been in a fatal car accident? You still wear your seatbelt though, correct?”