Healthcare Providers can maximize their influence and care through the support materials offered by manufacturers.  Vaccine manufacturers are a partner to physicians’ endeavors to protect patients wellness.  From reimbursement learning tools to patient outreach programs, a modern medical practice has a great selection of materials to bolster their patient care efforts.
Below is an example of just some of the resources available to medical practices to take advantage of.   This is an example of what Sanofi offers through their website vaccineshop.com


Tools & Resources

Stay up-to-date with the latest practices and policies.

Discover tools and information to enhace your operations, including educational and support materials, immunization schdeules and more.

  • Coding education & reimbursement support Tools to educate about the vaccine reimbursement process, including reimbursement tracking tools, instructions for administration coding, appeal letter templates, and online trainings on coding and billing.
  • Vaccination solutions & patient education Help your patients, their families and caregivers better understand the importance of vaccinations through our library of downloadable posters, brochures, social posts and more.
  • Immunization schedules Links to CDC Immunization Schedules and related tools to help you and your patients understand the types of vaccinations needed and when.
  • WellConnect Tools available to help your practice reach patients with important vaccination related reminder calls and text messages. With recall reminders, you can send messages about vaccinations, Well-visits, appointment reminders and clinics.
  • Vaccines for children Get information about the federal program which provides vaccines to help uninsured children.