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How is MPPG different than most PBGs?

MPPG was started by a practicing physician who saw a need beyond the typical PBG.  MPPG has been focused on three aspects of improving the bottom line for medical practices;

(1) Vendor partner contracts that reduce the cost on virtually every line item of practicing medicine

(2) Identifying companies that provide unique services to help a practice run more efficiently and

(3) Developing relationships with companies that help medical practices produce new sources of revenue.

Is MPPG is free to join?

Most PBGs are free to join and can pass on discounts to your practice because they receive a small administration fee as part of their vendor contracts.   These administration fees cover the cost of staff, legal and accounting fees, taxes and all of the other expenses associated with operating a business.  Some PBGs share their administration fees with their members depending on buying compliance. 

Client Testimonials

"Our savings on our malpractice insurance alone were significant. I highly recommend MPPG."

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